David Paoli

Mr. Paoli has approximately thirty years of experience in architectural, mechanical, industrial and environmental acoustics. He has worked on a variety of projects including high rise office buildings, multi-family housing, corporate headquarter buildings and industrial facilities. His clients include several architecture firms including Lucien Lagrange and Goettsch Partners and developers such as The John Buck Company and Related Midwest.

Prior to Shiner Acoustics LLC, Mr. Paoli was employed by Sargent & Lundy Engineers where he was responsible for the establishment of design criteria, various equipment noise evaluations and in-plant measurements. He also was assigned to the construction team of the Braidwood Nuclear Power Plant working on system design, project start-up and as a liaison for the construction team. Mr. Paoli's education in acoustics began as an under-graduate student at Michigan Technological University. In addition to the standard curriculum, Mr. Paoli received instruction in methods for the measurement of acoustic intensity, sound transmission loss and room reverberation.


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