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Noise and the associated discomfort of unwanted sound need not be a part of modern life. In recent years the acoustical engineer/consultant has shown, that by careful design, the sounds of the everyday environment can be controlled to acceptable levels. This energy can also be reinforced in areas where the sound is desired.

Shiner Acoustics LLC, acoustical engineers, provides the link between the traditional building sciences and the physics of acoustics to attain optimum acoustical environments under a wide variety of modern conditions. Shiner Acoustics LLC, solves problems with the basic philosophy of developing workable design solutions tailored to the specific needs of the assignment.




Development of solutions to achieve speech privacy and the isolation from unwanted sounds created by human, mechanical or other sources. Designs address room acoustics and the creation of good listening/speech intelligibility environments. Projects include commercial, multifamily residential, institutional, educational, industrial and recreational facilities. Audio/visual systems and facilities are also designed and specified.


The primary consideration is the control of noise from industrial operations which may influence the work environment. Solutions include work station placement, barriers, machine retrofit, enclosures and room treatment.


The focus is source identification and/or recommendations for the control of individual noise sources, e.g., industrial plant, airport, railroad, highway, etc., which affect the surrounding outdoor environment. Solutions include design and specification of berms, barriers and site orientation. Environmental assessment/impact reports are prepared and as requested, presented in expert witness testimony.

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