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Ogden International School

Project Location: Chicago, IL

Architect: Nagle Hartray Architecture

The Ogden International Elementary School is an urban three-story, 110,000 sf public school designed for a minimum of 900 students on a 60,000 sf parcel.  As a member of the design team, Shiner Acoustics, provided input from Schematic Design through Construction Administration.

ogden international.jpg

The building is designed with a 90 space underground parking garage and rooftop playground.  It is impacted by noise and vibration from urban sources including a subway.  As such, Shiner provided environmental sound measurements and specifications for glazing and exterior wall construction.  We provided recommendations for the sound isolation of classrooms, room acoustics for academic areas and the control of mechanical, electrical and plumbing noise as part of LEED for Schools 2007 requirements.

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